About Us

Our team has over 30 years of experience

in the technology sector

Our People Are Our Most Valuable Asset

We are reminded of it every day. It is only with the determination and commitment of the SUDDEN staff that we can serve our clients, create long-term value and contribute to the business community. SUDDEN’s leadership is focused on cultivating and sustaining a challenging and rewarding environment that motivates our workforce, which is crucial to meeting the demanding needs of our varied client base. We believe that investing in our team’s career paths allows for focus on long-term goals and employee empowerment. This results in a positive impact on our clients and the SUDDEN team.

Charles Tsoi


Charles Tsoi’s unmatched strengths in customer service, strategic planning and innovative business solutions have played a pivotal role in growing SUDDEN. A key priority for Charles is continuing to build upon a culture and set of values that are able to attract and develop exceptional people as well as foster loyal client relationships.

Mark Rademaker

VP, Technical Services & Operations

In 2009, Mark joined SUDDEN with more than 20 years of experience in senior leadership and IT consulting. Mark is guiding the direction of SUDDEN’s sales strategy and team with the objective of developing the company to be the number one IT service provider in BC.

Katherine Finnegan

Vice President of Finance

Katherine’s financial acumen has been honed by over 20 years of accounting and financial management experience in IT, mining and insurance sectors. As Vice President of Finance, Katherine is responsible for the fiscal operations, planning and analysis, financial reporting, tax and treasury and internal control.

Our Methodology

Our methodology is comprised of six simple steps that help us identify your IT challenges and offer you a customized and strategic resolution. From planning and designing to implementing and managing, our technical team will stand by your side. Our ultimate goal is to ensure hassle-free business operations and greater return on investment for you.


Discovering and understanding the business issue that the technical team will need to revolve


Designing the technical solution or providing the technical expertise to help you design it


Manage the solution


Planning which involves research and testing to ensure the outcomes or success criteria are met


Implement whole solution or we can assist you in this by providing expert guidance


Optimize the solution and ensure you maximize and achieve greater return on investment