Cloud Computing

SUDDEN’s Cloud Infrastructure will elevate your organization to a new level of efficiency

About our Cloud Services

Your business will no longer have to anticipate future data demands thanks to SUDDEN’s Cloud Infrastructure. Our innovative system has optimized countless organizations by implementing IaaS, hybrid cloud computing, end user computing and business continuity.

Sudden Cloud is a comprehensive cloud solution providing the full range of IT infrastructure services and integrated management. The Sudden Cloud portfolio includes the follow services:


Provides the complete virtualized datacenter infrastructure including computing power, memory, network and storage and eliminates the need of the company to provision or deploy its own resources. IT staff can provision the required set of IT infrastructure services in minutes without the need of purchase of additional hardware.


Is a cloud backup solution for protecting virtual and physical environments including off-site replication. In case of local failure or disaster data can be recovered from the cloud or sent to the local site on the removable drive. FlexBackup solution can be also extended to the FlexDR solution to minimize the IT service recovery time.


Offers the multiprotocol access to file and block storage helping clients easily manage growing storage capacity requirements without purchasing additional hardware.

Disaster Recovery

Provides disaster recovery service for the full IT infrastructure or its parts minimizing impact caused by local disaster or datacenter failure. IT services can be recovered in the cloud and presented to the users less than in an hour after disaster. FlexDR guaranties that client will always get required IT infrastructure resources to launch IT services after in case of disaster. Enhanced replication technology allows to achieve less than 15 minutes of data loss in case of the primary site failure.

Why we are different than other cloud providers

Integrated IT services include Sudden Cloud design, deployment and support that guarantees the tight solution integration with the existing client’s IT infrastructure. The single point of contact eliminates the need of multiple support contract management. The support team is always aware about the existing client’s IT infrastructure that significantly reduces the time of the problem resolution.

All Sudden Cloud datacenters are located in BC, Canada that assures the data privacy. All cloud infrastructure is deployed in constantly monitored, virtualized highly-available enterprise level IT environment with 99.999% availability providing the enterprise grade availability level for SMB and mid-market clients.

Sudden Cloud provides pay-per-use model with the simple monthly based pricing that helps to predictable costs and simplifies ROI calculation.