Business Continuity

SUDDEN has found that most businesses can only answer 1 or 2 of these questions:

Are all your critical data backed up?

Is your backup off-site?

Do you regularly test that you can restore your data?

Are you prepared in the event of a disaster?

Do you regularly test your recovery process?

While some businesses have planned for a major event like an earthquake, they have failed to plan for a localized disaster such as flooding or a fire. It is essential that every organization has a business continuity plan with special attention given to Disaster Recovery, in case an emergency were to disrupt service. It can be difficult for companies to move past the preparation stage into a solid and detailed plan that would see them through a disaster and ensure their business continues in the aftermath.


SUDDEN will help you build a thorough business continuity plan that takes into consideration all business procedures, work processes, communication strategies, a Disaster Recovery plan and even details such as physical work areas for personnel so that you are able to resume work in a pre-determined amount of time. if your systems are rendered ineffective by an emergency.


When it comes to an appropriate Disaster Recovery plan, it must address systems and solutions that affect business critical functions such as software, data, hardware, and any additional IT infrastructure that a business needs to survive. The Disaster Recovery method involves putting all your infrastructure and data into the Cloud.


Therefore, SUDDEN controls all aspects of the backup so that you don’t have to.  SUDDEN offers Managed Backup, which automatically backs up your data to a local appliance for quick data recovery, in addition to replicating your data to a secure off-site location.

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