Sudden Cloud Compute is an IT infrastructure cloud service that provides the complete datacenter infrastructure including computing power, memory, network and storage and eliminates the need of the company to provision or deploy its own resources. It can dynamically scale to meet the client needs helping to adapt to the fast changing business requirements.

FeatureBusiness Benefit
On-Demand Service

Only required compute, RAM, network and storage resources allocated on demand and adjusted according client’s needs

Helps to align IT resources consumption with cost and significantly reduces CAPEX
Highly-Available Enterprise Level IT Infrastructure

All client’s IT infrastructure is deployed in monitored, virtualized highly-available enterprise level IT environment including 99.999% SLA, firewall, VPN, nightly backup, and more

Provides the enterprise grade availability level for SMB and mid-market clients
Built-in Failover Functionality

Automatically restart of failed VMs in case of failures

Minimize the business loss during the unplanned IT service downtime
Office and mobile access to IT resources

Provides access to IT service from any point of the world

Employees can have constant, up-to-date access to the company’s IT services
Integrated Managed Service Compute

Single team provides managed service for cloud and local IT infrastructure.

Professional Services are also available to support planning, migration, configuration  

Reduce the IT infrastructure management cost. Eliminates the need of managing different IT-providers teams and contracts and reduces the support response time.
On-premise levels of control

Offers full control of your cloud environment including  CLI access to all of your virtual machines, customizable firewalls and site-to-site VPNs, and more

Detailed IT infrastructure adjustment to the business needs
All Resources Located in Canada

Certified BC located

Meets all company information regulation rules


Use Cases

  • New production workload
  • Replacement of existing outdated server infrastructure
  • Test, development or pre-production


  • “SUDDEN offers us a personalized and strategic approach to help select and obtain the right hardware and software products for our needs. Their staff are very flexible and consistently deliver best of breed products on time, within budget, and with tremendous value-adds. Most importantly, they’ve saved us both money and headaches.”

    Simon Fraser University
  • “SUDDEN has been a partner of ours since 1991 and today they are one of our strongest and largest VAR customers.”

    SYNNEX Canada Limited
  • “We are extremely pleased with the high level of service and professionalism that we have received from the staff of SUDDEN; in particular it is a pleasure to deal with Charles Tsoi. His prompt, knowledgeable and courteous service has assisted us in many situations. I would highly recommend SUDDEN Technologies to any business.”

    St. Paul’s Hospital
  • “I highly recommend SUDDEN Technologies for design, planning, acquisition, installation, integration and support services. SUDDEN’s entire staff is knowledgeable and endeavors to help us find solutions to meet deadlines for difficult and unusual problems.”