Hosted PBX

Benefit from high quality calls, while cutting costs


No longer does your company have to settle for low quality calls thanks to our fully mobile integrated PBX system. Our system allows your employees to work from anywhere with the option to use either their personal or business number. Our PBX system is also scalable so it grows with your business and includes several advanced features.


High quality call, all the time



Lower Hardware & Servicing Costs

Hosted PBX does not require a large upfront capital investment. It also does not require ongoing maintenance and personnel to manage the system.

Customer Experience

Hosted PBX allows organizations to serve customers around the world, no matter the time of day. In fact, local numbers can reach call centers in another country without the customer even knowing.

Mobile Integration

Work is no longer a destination; it is something we do, whether it be at home or a coffee shop. Hosted PBX allows employees to work remotely anywhere, anytime, on any device they choose. A device can even support two numbers and business calls placed on mobiles will appear as if they are calling from the person’s office.

Voice Quality

Too many people still believe hosted PBX systems have low call quality, but that’s just not the case thanks to advancements in technology. Hosted PBX provides a clear call every time.

Long Distance Cost Control

Long distance calls are expensive, regardless of whether it is through on-premises system or a hosted PBX, but organizations can manage these costs by using authorization features.

Number Retention

Employees are bringing their own devices to work whether companies like it or not. Hosted PBX provides the simplicity of combining personal and company lines on one device, so employees can choose which number they wish to give out. Calls can easily be rerouted if that employee leaves or is terminated.

Call Logging

Real-time costing with PBX data allows organizations to compare carrier costs and cost allocation with live fraud detection, plus analysis of over, under and unused assets with trend reporting. It also provides measurement of key performance indicators across your voice network, comparison of different carrier rates in multiple currencies, and mobile spend management.

Advanced Features

Advanced calling features are essential to meet staff and customer demands. Hosted PBX provides access to voicemail, email, remote call management, auto attendant, directory, music on hold and voice messaging. A fully unified communications suite allows interconnectivity between email, voicemail, presence, IM, video, and much more. In addition to these features, hosted interaction recording allows you to capture advanced forms of communication and analyze the data collected for quick, reliable and effective service.


The ability to scale and grow your phone system as your business grows is one of the biggest benefits hosted PBX provides. Unlike, on-premises systems, hosted PBX allow organizations to easily add and remove lines with no hassle or additional capital investment. Plus, you only pay for what you use.

Business Continuity

Many businesses rely on their systems for critical tasks. However, finance traders and health care organizations cannot risk interruption and downtime when they receive a heavy call volume. Uniformity, uptime guarantees and reliability are what makes hosted PBX essential to your business.

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