Infrastructure as a Service

Choose SUDDEN’s Cloud to optimize your organization’s computing infrastructure

About Infrastructure as a Service

SUDDEN’s Cloud infrastructure is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses with limited time and budget. Our infrastructure will host your software, servers, file storage and network remotely – so you don’t have to buy expensive hardware. Your organization will benefit from SUDDEN’s IaaS solution with reduced infrastructure cost, limitless scalability, flexibility and reduced risk.

Benefits of Sudden's IIAS Solutions:

You Control Resources

Access your files and applications anytime. Your business still has all the control of files and resources, while guaranteeing the information remains private.

Variable Cost

Pay only for your consumption; no need to buy expensive hardware that is only partially used.


It’s flexible and easy to increase or decrease resources any time.

Lower Maintenance Cost

Get rid of the costs associated with IT infrastructure such as hardware maintenance, power, cooling and downtime.

Increased Performance

Cloud infrastructure gives your business increased reliability and availability.