Managed IT Services


Today, businesses are seeing the value of focusing on their core skills and leaving the management and operation of IT to specialized service providers.

SUDDEN’s team of highly certified and experienced IT professionals will take ownership of maintaining and monitoring all aspects of your IT infrastructure. SUDDEN’s comprehensive suite of managed IT services can be purchased individually or as a bundle. We offer managed services that cover the entire range of your IT requirements.



Managed IT Services

SUDDEN’s comprehensive suite of managed IT services can be purchased individually or as a bundle.  SUDDEN offers managed services that cover the entire range of your IT requirements.  Our managed IT services include:

Managed Firewall and Network

Firewall management is a specialized area of expertise.  Many businesses cannot justify the expense of having a security/firewall expert on staff, but not regularly monitoring, updating and maintaining your firewall can put your business at risk of poor performance or worse, security breach.  SUDDEN offers managed firewall services ranging from basic monitoring and updating to VPN monitoring and advanced firewall monitoring.
SUDDEN has partnered with award-winning, industry-leading FortiNet Technologies for Unified Threat Management (UTM).  You can either purchase our own Fortinet UTM device or have it included with the Managed Firewall service.

Managed Anti-Spam (requires Managed Firewall)

Utilizing Fortinet’s FortiGuard technology, SUDDEN offers a comprehensive anti-spam solution which is tailored to the unique needs of your business.

Managed Anti-Virus (server and desktop)

Anti-Virus is a critical aspect of the protection your business needs to insure that it is safe.  Many companies install Anti-Virus as a routine but they do not have a comprehensive approach to managing a virus event such as Zero Day attacks and Crypto-lockers.  Let SUDDEN manage your Anti-Virus and establish a comprehensive plan to protect your business’s assets and data.  If you experience a virus infection, our team of experts will be notified and begin to proactively address the problem.

Managed Server

Whether your servers are in the cloud or on your premises, they require active monitoring, patching and support.  SUDDEN’s Managed Server provides your business with the peace of mind that your servers are being monitored and supported 24/7.

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  • “We are extremely pleased with the high level of service and professionalism that we have received from the staff of SUDDEN; in particular it is a pleasure to deal with Charles Tsoi. His prompt, knowledgeable and courteous service has assisted us in many situations. I would highly recommend SUDDEN Technologies to any business.”

    St. Paul’s Hospital
  • “SUDDEN has been a partner of ours since 1991 and today they are one of our strongest and largest VAR customers.”

    SYNNEX Canada Limited
  • “SUDDEN offers us a personalized and strategic approach to help select and obtain the right hardware and software products for our needs. Their staff are very flexible and consistently deliver best of breed products on time, within budget, and with tremendous value-adds. Most importantly, they’ve saved us both money and headaches.”

    Simon Fraser University
  • “I highly recommend SUDDEN Technologies for design, planning, acquisition, installation, integration and support services. SUDDEN’s entire staff is knowledgeable and endeavors to help us find solutions to meet deadlines for difficult and unusual problems.”