Here’s what SUDDEN is up to this month.

We’ve joined forces with Fortinet to bring you the best security event of 2014.

Learn how to protect your network and data assets from both external, and internal threats. Your network is a complex set of interactions between applications, users and content. It is also at risk from sophisticated threats such as APTs, botnets and advanced malware. To manage the complexities and block the threats requires greater visibility, performance, and tools than traditional network firewalls can provide.

Fortinet’s Security Suite can protect data assets at the perimeter, or with internal security zones from internal users.  Fortinet offers specific protection tools for Web Servers, back-end data base servers, plus management tools for authentication, client vulnerability assessments, device management, security log analytics, and export to SIEM tools.

Combined with SUDDEN Technologies’ Professional Services, Fortinet can integrate advanced security products with your existing environment.

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    Simon Fraser University
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    St. Paul’s Hospital
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