Staff Augmentation

Having top talent can give your businesses the competitive edge that's required to succeed in today's market, but it can be difficult to hire for short term contracts or special implementations. Non-technical industries have tremendous issues finding IT staff since they aren't typically well versed in knowing the types of skills required for the accurate and timely completion of technical projects.

SUDDEN's staff of highly competent, certified engineers and technicians are available to our clients for any project that requires specialized expertise in a particular area. Staff augmentation is also useful if a client is dealing with an employee taking extended vacation time or covering a position until a new hire is ready to take over. With SUDDEN's Staff Augmentation services, you are free to concentrate on tackling your business goals.

Why Choose SUDDEN's Staff Augmentation?

Supplemental Expertise: SUDDEN can bridge the gap of any missing organizational skills by providing a trained professional who's well versed in your systems.

Additional Learning: Once a SUDDEN engineer is engaged, we are learning firsthand information about your business which gives us tremendous insight into new ways to add further value.

Flexibility: Save the time and expense of hiring an employee for a short term project.

Organizational Stability: Turnover won't disrupt your workflow or structure. A SUDDEN staff member can easily be a placed in an open position until job duties can be resumed by your regular employee.

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