Infrastructure-as-a-Service is your organization's computing infrastructure such as file storage and networking through the use of SUDDEN's Cloud Infrastructure. In SUDDEN's IaaS environment, our clients will not require procure or to maintain their own hardware because all the necessary resources are provided from SUDDEN's virtualized environment of servers, storage and networks distributed across fault tolerant data centers, all of which SUDDEN is completely responsible for maintaining. You are given access to your virtualized environment and have control over your storage, operating systems, and applications with capacity on demand. SUDDEN's Infrastructure-as-a-Service is an ideal choice because of its flexibility, security and adaptability to suit your IT environment.

Why Choose SUDDEN's Infrastructure-as-a-Service?

IT Refocus: With SUDDEN handling your Infrastructure, your IT department can instead leverage and focus their time on contributing to innovation and solving business solutions.

Reduce Total Cost of Ownership: Computing infrastructure, software, and additional fundamentals such as cooling systems are no longer needed in your office, thus shifting your costs from CAPEX to OPEX.

No Capital Investment: Many mid-market companies have difficulty affording the substantial capital investment to buy their infrastructure. IaaS is the ideal choice because there are no upfront investments or maintenance fees.

Cost of Consumption: When you own your equipment there are fixed costs regardless of usage, whereas IaaS allows you to only pay for your consumption.

Flexible: Your infrastructure can be accessed from any location on any device as required.

SUDDEN's Infrastructure-as-a-Service underpins the success of the small in-house IT team at MOI Solicitors. Coast Underwriters focuses on what they do best, rather than IT admin. with help from the team at SUDDEN
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